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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The terrible fashion curse

I'm fortunate that I've not been born with colour blindness or colour deficiency. However, I've been stricken by the terrible curse that is lack of colour coordination. *GASP* *OMG* *TEH HORROR* One look into my wardrobe and you'll see what I mean, it's the same few colours again and again - black, brown, navy blue and maroon. When it comes to fashion, I fear wearing colours outside my favourites. Sometimes they can be hard to match and others just look/feel 'wrong'. I'd rather play it safe and besides, it's easier to match those colours as well... with black, brown, navy blue and maroon. I would like a dash of other colours in my otherwise uniform wardrobe, if only to spice things up a little.

Well, I have this wonderful little site to share with you:
It's a place where people can create and vote for their favourite 4 colour combinations. It's also a game of sorts where each day the least fit colourcell will 'die' and two 'lucky' childless cells will get to contribute 2 of their own colours towards a new cell. The site is meant to discover popular colour combinations. For people like me, it helps to know what colour goes well with others and hopefully get out of this fashion rut.


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